Space for learning and understanding
I support people to develop their skills and increase their capacity in order to discover new possibilities.

I aim to improve people’s performance through interactive workshops focused on interpersonal skills. I design and implement high-quality learning programs that can bring employees to a higher level so they all have increased skills and knowledge together with the right mindset so they can have a real impact in business outcomes.

The fundamentals of visual thinking, learning, and collaboration – with the bikablo® technique, your step by step guide into the world of visual language.

This program lays the foundation stone for future visualizers: step by step, using the pictograms, figures and graphics elements of the bikablo® technique, participants will acquire basic knowledge of visual language for flipchart and whiteboards. Participants will use the provided tools to design their first presentation posters, which they can put straight to use the very next day. The bikablo® training content and methodology are copyright protected.

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Presentation Skills
Discover the science and master the techniques in order to prepare and deliver a captivating presentation.

Anyone can deliver a high impact presentation regardless of their shyness or introversion. Successfully presenting is an ability that can be acquired and demonstrated at this course, once the science behind the presentations is understood. At this training participants learn an easy-to-use framework,they will receive useful feedback during the practice phase and will improve their stage presence.

Visual Notes on Presentations VIDEO ZF Live: How To Make a Presentation Open Training: Presentation Skills & Storytelling
Find out what what can leaders do to run more engaging and effective meetings, where people are actively involved and contributing.

The way employees collaborate during meeting has a direct impact on the results they get. Effective communication together with the ability to organize and moderate meetings are essential skills that enables people to be more connected and to better understand, analyze, discuss and decide. This training helps participants develop better moderation skills and get more out of each meeting they facilitate.

Visual Notes on Meeting Facilitation
Personal Agility
Framework for managing your workflow and become more productive

In this training I help people to better understand the dynamics of habits, energy and motivation.  During the training participants learn the 6 core principles for better productivity and understand the framework for their implementation. They will have 6 practical tools that will help them to manage their day-to-day better.

Visual Notes on Productivity SLIDESHARE: 24 Time Management Hacks to Develop
During this training leaders learn how to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person and the situation.

This training boosts the effectiveness, impact and awareness of your leaders. It helps them with proper tools and common language in order to align their people’s need with organisation objectives, in order to maximize results and engagement. The new training design increases learner participation and engagement. Training curriculum offers extensive opportunities for learners to build and practice new skills and provides excellent training materials. The Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is a registered mark of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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Learn the basic of visual facilitation with the bikablo® technique.